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Paintings, ceramics, and hand painted clothing

Cori Jacobs Gallery

Cori Jacobs Gallery represents the ever evolving vision of artist Cori Jacobs. The gallery hosts an expansive array of paintings, ceramics and clothing. The colors in her paintings shift between richly saturated hues and subtle tones,  drawing visitors into a complex world of ancestral beings, transformational spirits, and the artist’s own internal musings.

Ceramics arise where functional object and exquisite artwork meet. A feast for your eyes, they are beautiful objects to savor with morning coffee or serve a celebratory meal upon.

The clothing is fresh, feminine, comfortable and perfect for the beach or an evening about town. Made with organic cotton, bamboo and silk, each shirt, dress and skirt is a unique piece of wearable art, a clear line flowing from imagination to fabric to form.

Cori Jacobs gallery welcomes you into a world of color and creative delight. Experience the joy of finding a one of a kind beach dress, cradling a treasured bowl in your hands, or awakening your eyes with a vibrant painting.


Avenida Revolución #52, Sayulita 63732

US/Canada: 503-880-7950


Open: Daily

Hours: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM