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“Creativity is in the heart of all souls we must find that quiet space to listen to our inner voice. The one that guides us and lets us be true to expressing ourselves”

J. Kelleher

JaLu Gallery

I believe that art is a moment of communication, it comes from a place of non judgment and purity. It is a creation that does not only come thru the spoken word but through a visual and emotional connection that transcends us to another place.

The key to finding the quietness that moves me is through writing. It is a way for me to clear my mind, free my thoughts and let the words spill across the paper. I never stop or reread. I just let my mind drift, my hand flow and before I know it I start to feel or see the paintings.

I would describe my work as mixed media. The paints are oils, the canvas is glass and the pieces are a mixture of natural elements; such as leaves and sand along with my photography and painting. I will often use my writing in the pieces, sometimes legible and sometimes it is just a simple, beautiful line that dances across the painting.

I feel inspired when I am outside and connected to the earth, and because of this connection I have chosen to work directly on the glass. I love the idea that it is not just a surface to work on but it is an organic material, a translucent surface that changes with light, allowing it to become as much a part of the piece as the image itself.

I have been in the arts all my life. Surrounded by a family full of creativity, my childhood began as a dancer in NYC. As I grew up I found myself exploring the art world and letting it become an outlet to express myself. My training began in NYC studying at The Arts Students League and National Art Academy. I then continued to the University of North Carolina School for the Arts and Lorenzo De’ Medici in Florence Italy. I received my BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I now reside in a small town in Mexico on the pacific coast where I have opened my studio and gallery that I have called “JaLu”.

Janine Kelleher


48, Av Revolución, Sayulita

(011-52-1) 322-160-2892

Open Daily


Category: Design, Jewelry, Painting